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About PHD

We are PHD and this is what we do
PHD is a media and communications agency that has been built on a culture of thought leadership, creativity and innovation. In our hearts is a commitment to lead the industry with thought provoking opinion and pioneering thinking. We always try to find a better way for our clients.

PHD launched in the UK in 1990, as the world's first planning-led media agency
Since that time, we have grown into a global network spanning over 80 offices in over 70 markets, with more than 2,500 employees working with some of the world's leading advertisers. Crucially, we have retained our heritage for planning and innovation. This is evidenced by the award-winning work we do and the fact that in 2010 alone, we won nine media agency of the year awards.
We consistently strive to recruit people who are driven by a higher purpose: to find a better way. This collective drive has proved to be a very powerful motivator for all areas of our business from planning, buying, and bid-management through to content creation and social-media management. So, if youre after a conventional media agency that always plays it safe, PHD is probably not the right place for you. But, if youre looking to challenge or be challenged this is the place. Come on in.

Affiliations and partners
PHD is part of the Omnicom Group, a global leader in marketing and advertising communications. We are proud to be affiliated to the global advertising agencies and specialist communication companies within the group.

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